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I have read the first book in my life in English.

I have read book in English. It is my first book in English. It was the “Picture of Dorian Grey”. It is adapted book, but it was interesting. Sometimes it was difficult, but close to the end book, it has become easy. But it is cool any way!!! :-)

Congratulate me!!!

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Сокращения, используемые в электронной переписке

AAMOF   As a matter of fact
AFAIK   As far as I know
ASAP   As soon as possible
BRB   Be right back
BTW   By the way
CU   See you
ETA   Estimated time of arrival
F2F   Face-to-face
FOAF   Friend of a friend
FYA   For your amusement
FYI   For your information
IMHO   In my humble opinion
IMO   In my opinion
IOW   In other words
IWBNI   It would be nice if
KIS   Keep it simple
LMAO   Laughing my ass off
LOL   Laugh out loud
NRN   No response necessary
OS   Operating system
OTOH   On the other hand
PITA   Pain in the ass
R   received
ROTFLMAO   Rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off
TFS   Thanks for sharing
TIA   Thanks in advance
WOBTAN   Waste of both time and money
WRT   With respect to

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